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Mike Burell

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Gynoid, 2011, performance, approx. 15-20mins

Burrell’s performance criticizes masculine attitudes towards sexual practice and explores the performative aspect of sexual activity. Burrell aims to challenge the ideological assumption that the male should dominate the female and highlights the aggressive and potentially violent nature of masculinity in terms of sexual engagement with the female body.


Each One of Us Was a Tank, 2011, mixed media

The sculpture discusses the inherent masculinity of warfare and criticizes the notions of dominance and power through conquest and war in a humorous and imaginative manner. Burrell is juxtaposing the rigid and solid machine representational of masculine power and designed for warfare with organic, domestic and decorative forms. Thus he attempts to invalidate the powerful masculine qualities of the tank and make its presumed masculinity impotent.

All Work by Mike Burell