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Judit Vela

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Self-Portrait as Vogue, 2011, photograph and video 10mins 10secs

Vela’s seven photographs are illustrating the transformation process of an ordinary girl becoming a girl in Vogue. The video is a short documentary of the same process showing the transformation in reverse. By exploring this metamorphosis Vela wants to question whether the image of people presented by mass media is realistic or just an illusory creation.


Me Gusta Tu Piel (I Love Your Skin), 2011, video 20mins 45secs

This documented performance also explores the question of beauty and transformation with contiguity as its dominant feature. Vela rubs her face against a plaster cast of a face as if smoothing it until its jaw is completely worn out.
Judit Vela - CV
Personal data:   
Judit Vela Gómez
Born in Valencia (Spain) on August 19, 1989
Studied Fine Arts in Universitat Politécnica de Valencia: (2007-) & University of Leeds Fine Arts degree: (2010-2011)
Speciallized  in mixed media art: video, photography and video performance.
Exhibition places:
Collective exhibition in Valencia Fine Arts Faculty (Valencia) 2008
Collective exhibition in Pizza Gratis (Valencia) 2009
Collective exhibition in Kessler-Bataglia Gallery (Valencia) 2010

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