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Jennifer Dickinson

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Toilet Swing, 2010, toilet seat, chain, toilet tissue holder, toilet tissue

The installation represents our ability to escape from the everyday and be in two places at the same time by means of daydreaming. It is a depiction of losing oneself in the moment of complete solitude to the feeling of tranquillity and timelessness.


Bread, 2011, burnt bread

The rows of burnt bread are questioning the stereotypical idea of motherhood and domesticity as a fundamental feature of femininity. Dickinson’s work is particularly concerned with the pressure to be an ideal mother who is always strong and never fails. The burnt, inedible bread thus captures the fear of failure and inability to respond to others’ expectations despite the efforts one makes.


Teacup, 2011, video, 13mins 52secs

Dickinson continues the theme of tranquillity she explores in her Toilet Swing installation but binds it to the domestic environment. She has captured a calming view of steam rising from a teacup and shown the motion of the steam in reverse. The work indicates calmness, security, timelessness and meditation; moments that can easily absorb us and allow us to forget the world existing around us.
Jennifer Dickinson - CV
 Currently studying towards a BA Fine Art at Leeds University
Art Foundation at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design: Birmingham City University, 2008-09

Exhibitions/ Collaborations
Yorkshire Art Loop Project, Pop Up Art Space, Bradford, April-June 2011
Video arts "higher tendency to become easily inaccessible and self indulgent than non time based media" with Video and the Artist, Testspace Leeds, May 30th 2011
Performance event, LS6 café, Hyde Park, Leeds, 13th May 2011
 I Am John Dogsfield, 153 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, 24th-25th March 2011
Wild Pansy Press/ Alex Lightman “Launch on the Lawn”, 14th International Contemporary Artists Book Fair, Parkinson Building, Leeds, 11th March 2011
Ministry of Making, Old Mining Building, Leeds, February-March 2011 
Foundation show, BIAD, Bournville June 2009

All Work by Jennifer Dickinson