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Frank Driver

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Microwave Recipes for One, 2010, series of 3-minute-videos

Driver attempts to find the fun and extraordinary aspects in ordinary household objects. Her series of videos is based on a found book on microwave cooking from the 1980’s. Staged as an experiment, Driver is exploring the redundant 30 years old idea of a modern woman and sophistication and luxuriousness of microwave meals. She also blurs the boarders between art and entertainment by using humour as a significant feature of her work.


Apples and Pears, 2011, video

Documentation of the flashing light in a staircase depicts a random encounter that could be ignored by many. By choosing to capture the strange occurrence Driver has added weight to it and thus managed to bring something extraordinary and fascinating out of something mundane. The way the video is projected also creates a playful illusion of real stairs in a closet leading nowhere.    
Francesca Driver


Telephone: Home- 01494792758       Mobile- 07980535722

Address: Corberley, Lycrome RD, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, HP53LA

E-mail: fh09fd@leeds.ac.uk

Date of Birth: 6th July 1990                  

Nationality: British


September 2009- Present                University of Leeds

BA (hons) Fine Art (to be completed June 2012)

September 2008- June 2009      Amersham & Wycombe College

Diploma in Foundation Studies Art & Design

September 2001-2008               Chesham High Grammar School

A Levels- May 2008

Art and Design                            Grade B

Early Modern History                Grade B

English Literature                       Grade C

GCSE’s- June 2006

11 GCSE’s                                    Grade A-C


Group Shows

24/05/10                                          SERIOUSLY a better disaster scenario, 5-7 Lifton Studios, Leeds

24/03/11 – 25/03/11                     I Am John Dogsfield, 153 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds   

18/04/11                                          Video and the Artist , LS6 Café, Leeds



30/05/11                                          Video and the Artist, Testspace, Leeds    

24/07/11- 30/07/11                         Documentary Film Course, Dartsmoor Arts

All Work by Frank Driver