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Ash Owen

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Owen considers his sculptural works as a series of studies rather than as finished pieces. He is compelled by the beauty and liberating effect of uncontrollability in visual practice and explores the significance of craft and labour by juxtaposing chance and unpredictability with control and discipline. The uncontrollable aspect of his practice is evident in his experimental use of expanding foam, whereas the balancing feature of control is reached through casting and readymade objects.


Owen’s readymade objects with expanding foam are experimentations of the dynamic and unruly rivalling with the static and disciplined. At the same time, the works are bringing something untamed and out of ordinary to the recognisable and mundane.

Pint Glass, 2011, pint glass and expanding foam


Wood, 2011, wood and expanding foam


Brick, 2011, brick and expanding foam


Yesterday this meant everything, today, nothing, 2011, milk cartons, expanding foam and white gloss

Yesterday this meant nothing, today, everything, 2011, plastic and plaster  

Turd 1, Turd 2, Turd 3, Turd 4, 2011, expanding foam and plaster

The Turds are studies of the uncontrollable. Owen has cast his expanding foam sculptures and added a performative feature to the cast copies. His aim is to let the audience see the casts continuing to expand and grow independently like living organisms in the exhibition space. This intensifies the effect of the dynamic, organic and unpredictable nature of his medium by making it directly visible to the audience.

All Work by Ash Owen