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Archie Salandin

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Salandin’s work is concerned with the thin line between understanding and misunderstanding. The main focus of his work is the potential insufficiency of communication and transmission of incomplete messages.


The Smallest of Talk, 2011, performance approx. 14mins

Jack Gunner and Russell Stirling perform a dialogue that explores how far one can follow a conversation if only one half of it is being heard or if its timing is distorted. Salandin derived the structure of the performance from a real everyday conversation, which after several stages of recording, editing and re-recording finally found its final form as an incoherent yet at times bafflingly sensible dialogue.


Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain, 2011, video 4mins 20secs and miscellaneous items

Salandin’s interactive installation creates an illusion of live performance and playfully discusses the limits of understanding by exploring questions of visibility and language. When only silhouettes of objects can be seen and their names are not revealed, how far can one rely on his judgment on what is being discussed? The work also asks how one can believe what is being said, when someone seems to speak a completely different language.


All Work by Archie Salandin